Thursday, 15 May 2014

why the soles man?

Some people laugh at me when I talk about insoles being the most important thing ever.. but then the next day the same people will usually come to me complaining that there feet are hurting. I first learnt about how important it is to wear insoles when I myself was struck down with a nasty case of plantar fasciiits that left my arches stinging and me unable to go out cycling for months. It was all my own fault for not stretching my feet before I went cycling, not wearing the right cycling shoes without the right supports soles for me. I later found out that I needed to do all of this and was pretty much amazed about how just a pair of insoles could change everything for me.. I used to put up with dull aches in my feet, it wasn't so much pain but more fatigue and pressure which insoles helped stop all of that and helped stop all of that and made cycling far better for me... so that's why I blab on about them so much!

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